They are NEW....the time is NOW!
Start the New Year as a strong advocate for children.
Contact your Legislators today!
There are 50 NEW Legislators arriving in Raleigh in late January to begin their service as leaders and policymakers for our state.
They need to hear from you NOW!
Remember, it is both a privilege and responsibility to help inform policymakers about the importance of investing in early care and is good for children
and for our state's economy!
Have your voice heard...and be the voice for children, families, and the early education profession!
A simple message and personal story telling why early education matters can go a very long way in helping policymakers be informed decisionmakers.
Contact your local Representatives!
For a full list of NC Legislators visit

Below are the names of the 2010-2011 North Carolina Child Care Commission

Ms. Margaret Anne Biddle                                 Ms. Norma Honeycutt                                    Dr. Mary-Cassie Shaw

5852 Branchwood Road                                        2300 West Innes Street                                      1321 Oberlin Road

Raleigh, NC 27609                                                  Salisbury, NC 28144                                           Raleigh, NC 27608

(919) 878-5428                                                      (704) 857-6625 (H)                                             (919) 828-4747 (O)

Email: [email protected]                                      (704) 638-9020 (O)                                            (919) 828-6765 (F)

Non-Profit Provider                                                 (704) 638-0918 (F)                                             Email:[email protected]

Exp. Date: 06/30/12                                                Email: [email protected]                 Pediatrician

*Term 4 (PPTS)                                                      Non-Profit Provider                                               Exp. Date: 03/30/11

                                                                              Exp. Date: 06/30/12                                              *Term 3 (G)

                                                                              *Term 1 (G)

Ms. Magdalena B. Cruz                                     Ms. Julia Baker Jones                                    Ms. Deanne R. Smith

6879 Old Bailey Road                                           637 Lorimer Road                                                PO Box 3142

Nashville, NC 27856                                             Davidson, NC 28036                                            Boone, NC 28607

(252) 985-4316 (O)                                              (704) 894-2108                                                   (828) 262-6221

(252) 442-0672 (F)                                               Email: [email protected]                          Email: [email protected]

(252) 903-4330 (C)                                               Parent Member                                                   Parent Member

Email: [email protected]                           Exp. Date: 06/30/11                                            Exp. Date: 06/30/12

Parent Member                                                     *Term 1 (G)                                                         *Term 2 (G)

Exp. Date: 06/30/11

*Term 2 (PPTS)


Ms. Angela Boyce Davis                                    Ms. Linda Knight                                            Ms. Lois Stephenson

1010 Greensboro Road                                        117 E Pitt Street                                                  PO Box 1379

High Point, NC 27260                                            Tarboro, NC 27886                                             Clayton, NC 27528

(336) 887-7217 (O)                                              (252) 823-1750 (H)                                            (919) 553-8663 (O)

(336) 887-4251 (F)                                              (252) 823-1599 (O)                                            (919) 553-3370 (F)

Email: [email protected]                              (252) 641-9041 (F)                                            Email: [email protected]

For-Profit Provider                                                Email : [email protected]                     For-Profit Provider

Exp. Date: 06/30/11                                              For-Profit Provider                                             Exp. Date: 06/30/12

*Term 1 (SH)                                                        Exp. Date: 06/30/12                                            *Term 4 (G)

                                                                             *Term 1 (PPTS)

Ms. Penny Davis                                                Ms. Lorrie M. Looper                                      Ms. Jennifer Svenstrup

200 Woodland Circle                                            PO Box 1009                                                        YMCA of Western NC

Rutherfordton, NC 28139                                     Boone, NC 28607                                                 Child Care Services Branch

(828) 287-5314 (H)                                              (828) 612-6155 (C)                                             53 Asheland Avenue, Suite 102 A

Email: [None]                                                         Email: [email protected]                        Asheville, NC 28801

Citizen Member                                                    Citizen Member                                                     (828) 210-9021 (O)

Exp. Date: 06/30/11                                             Exp. Date: 06/30/12                                              (828) 210-9014 (F)

*Term 3 (PPTS)                                                    *Term 2 (PPTS)                                                     Email: [email protected]

                                                                                                                                                          Non-Profit Provider

                                                                                                                                                          Exp. Date: 06/30/11

                                                                                                                                                          *Term 1 (SH)

Ms. Connie Harland                                          Ms. Laurie Morin                                              Ms. Claire Tate

523 Buxton Grant Drive                                       108 Upward Acres                                              1609 E Fifth Street

Cary, NC 27519                                                    East Flat Rock, NC 28726                                    Charlotte, NC 28204

(919) 388-1868 (H)                                              (828) 696-4052 (H)                                             (704) 376-1845 (O)

(919) 724-0487 (C)                                              Email: [email protected]                    (704) 376-1874 (F)

Email: [email protected]                  FCCH Provider                                                    Email: [email protected]

Parent                                                                  Exp. Date: 06/30/11                                             Citizen Member

Exp. Date: 06/30/12                                             *Term 1 (G)                                                         Exp. Date: 06/30/12

*Term 2 (SH)                                                                                                                                    *Term 4 (G)


Dear NCaeyc Members....We need you to contact the Govenor NOW and ask her to VETO the Senate budget and sustain programs and policies that give NC's Children the foundation they need for SUCCESS in school and life!!!!!

PLEASE click on the link below and let your voice be heard.......Our Children are depending on you!!!!!!!!!

NCs Children Need Our Help

Posted June 14, 2011.....HIGH IMPORTANCE!!!!!!!


Contact the five Respresentatives, and encourage them to vote against overriding the Governor's veto....OUR CHILDREN ARE DEPENDING ON YOU!!!!!!!

Now that the Governor has vetoed the budget
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