What We Do

Child Care Connections is committed to providing high quality Consumer Education and Referral Services to all our customers.  Children need quality settings to ensure optimal growth and development.  Child Care Connections is your single point of access to help you better understand child care options and services.

  • We offer free and confidential child care referrals to families which will assist them in their search for child care services for children birth to twelve years of age.
  • We offer parent education on quality child care indicators and recommend that each child care location is called or visited prior to making a decision.
  • Additionally, we assist families in connecting with community resources to help meet each child’s needs. Parent Referral Specialist.


Additionally, we offer the following services:

Child Care Providers

  • Training and workshops for child care providers
  • Technical Assistance to existing child care programs
  • Support to new child care businesses
  • Quality Enhancement grants
  • Resource Library resources that are available to members for check-out
  • School Age resources are available to providers
  • Behavior assistance, services, and resources are available to providers

The Community

  • Public awareness to increase community involvement
  • Support to new and existing child care providers in their work
  • Encouragement to the community for understanding and addressing emerging child care needs
  • Statistics on child care in Cleveland County
  • Immunization Schedule

Our Mission
Child Care Connections exists to connect resources and services for childcare excellence in Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Vision Statement
Child Care Connections will be the leader in establishing opportunities for quality childcare environments for every child in Cleveland County.


Child Care Connections offers child care referrals, not recommendations. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information concerning any program in our files. We do not license, endorse, or recommend any particular program, nor do we ensure the quality of care given by any program. Consequently, we urge customers to interview potential programs, check references, and review the program files maintained by the North Carolina Division of Child Development before selecting a program.Child care referrals are FREE of charge.

The information requested by Child Care Connections in order to assist customers searching for child care is used only for the purpose of providing child care referrals and collecting statistical information concerning child care needs to better serve the community. All personal or identifying information will remain confidential and will not be released to anyone outside of Child Care Connections without written consent.