Birth-to-Three Quality Initiative (B-3QI)

The (B-3QI) was established to improve the quality and availability of care for children ages birth to three in North Carolina through forging collaborative partnerships with teachers and directors.

The Birth-to-Three Specialists provide hands-on, individualized coaching support for teachers and administrators. This assistance is grounded in the evidence-based Practice-Based Coaching (PBC) framework and includes:

  • Building positive relationships with children, families, and co-workers
  • Creating environments to support social-emotional development and the developing capacity of infants and young children to:
    • Form close and secure adult and peer relationships.
    • Experience, regulate, and express emotions in socially and culturally appropriate ways.
    • Explore the environment and learn social skills.
  • Implementing high-quality care practices–as defined by ZERO TO THREE’s Critical Competencies for Early Childhood Educators, ITERS-3, and Infant and Toddler CLASS–for group care that provides a solid foundation for infant and toddler development
  • Providing support for developmental monitoring and screening through the Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ)and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Learn the Signs Act Early Learn the Signs Act Early materials

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Healthy Social Behavior

The Healthy Social Behaviors project (HSB) was established in 2004. The Healthy Social Behaviors Initiative was established to address behavioral issues in young children by offering services designed to identify, prevent, and modify challenging behaviors with a goal of reducing the expulsion rate and promoting social-emotional development of all children in NC licensed child care centers.  The Project team consists of regional specialists, education specialists, and the project manager, ensuring that all 14 regions have access to the Healthy Social Behavior Initiative’s services.  Child Care Resources Inc. (CCRI) provides overall project management for this initiative.

The Promoting Healthy Social Behaviors in Child Care Settings project is managed by Child Care Resources, Inc.

Promoting Healthy Social Behaviors in Child Care Settings” CCR&R Council, Accessed August 2018,

Contact a local Healthy Social Behavior Specialist for assistance

The Healthy Social Behavior Specialist can provide:

  • On-site consultation
  • Workshops on classroom management
  • Provide assistance and education to classrooms struggling with behavior issues.
  • Provide education and implementation assistance with appropriate social emotional education.
  • Provide training and consultations on building relationships and addressing challenging behaviors.
  • Provide assistance in increasing the quality of your preschool program.

Family Childcare Project

The N.C. Statewide Family Child Care Project was established in 2019. The project was created initially to conduct research that provided a realistic picture of the state of family child care (FCCs) in North Carolina and to generate recommendations for strengthening and supporting current and future FCCs.

Since the completion of the research, using the recommendations as a guide, the project has worked within the CCR&R system to provide training and technical assistance to Professional Development and TA practitioners who support Family Child Care. Convening training and conducting community of practice forums with CCR&R staff have provided consistent engagement opportunities for all areas of the state.

Additionally, the project has worked with collaborating partners and stakeholders at the state and federal level to elevate and inform policy discussions that positively impact licensed Family Child Care professional educators. Through this work, the project now co-sponsors the NC Family Child Care Advisory Council. The Council is composed of providers, parents and partnering agencies with the goal of lifting the collective voices of NC’s licensed FCC professional educators.

If you are a provider in a family childcare home or center located in residency, the regional consultant can provide technical assistance and professional development and partner with early childhood education programs.

Your regional FCC Consultant can assist you with:

  • Family Childcare Start-up
  • Professional Development Training
  • Technical Assistance (including Phone, Email, Onsite or virtual support visits) via (Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams)
  • Child Care Rules & Regulations and/or Questions
  • Business Planning & Management

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